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The Vide Hotel (Zhangjiajie Weidi Jiudian) is a business hotel located on Dayong Middle Road. Guests enjoy convenient access to this hotel.

This Zhangjiajie hotel has a total of ten floors and offers a wide variety of rooms ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites. The building features traditional Tujia styles.

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住客评论 243条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • sunbarry
    Shower water hot water was too small was too small.
  • Anmy_wang
    Today's weather forecast said rain
  • p_rosso
    This hotel is I live had of health worst of, towel black of very, has never didn't see had which hotel all of towel will so black of, hot enough hot, let Hotel waiter view has, family said on so hot no more hot has, estimated on 10 several times, bath didn't want to cold are difficult! also no bath robe, TV voice are is sand of, too poor of hotel has, strongly everyone don't to
  • e00970734
    From the scenic spot very close to the door, very convenient! hotel, highly recommended!
  • Angle liu
    Very convenient hotel, special thanks to sales of money managers because the unsubscribe issues she has been patient, sweet
  • eillena
    In General.
  • gary_gao
    Is too near the cableway, just across the street, downstairs and it is also very convenient, very nice accommodation
  • jvarm
    Hotel is opposite the mountain cableways, right next to the hotel, very convenient.
  • butterflyjudy
    Chose this hotel is the only recommended reason from the mountain cable car station near! but you want to bring your own toiletries!
  • florablue1
    Facilities are generally 2.5 stars, nice environment
  • Ronni
    From the sling station is close, convenient tour mountain. equipment and facilities in General, is the most special rooms equipped with hot water.
  • e01454151
    Poor breakfast, playing computer. his name wrong, wrong room, trouble do stay for free.
  • cgall
    Environmental location are very good. shortcomings on bathroom shower drained out.
  • lacey
    Room clean and comfortable, the towel is a bit shabby. spacious internal car park.
  • alig6202
    Good service can also but the health needs of the
  • E00881772
    Hotel soft and hard environments are pretty good, employees of high quality
  • e00103727
    Price quite high, just across from the cableway station, very convenient. big room, facilities are also available, balconies facing the mountain.
  • blyuyubin
    That's good
  • valance
    I is the hotel industry's personal evaluation of comfortable hotel well worth living, next to the mountain cableways but a mind that is the hope of adding a closet is not convenient
    Very good experience.
  • capricory
    The address of the hotel is Dayong road 9th in Zhangjiajie, we come from the Wulingyuan Scenic ride, can let the driver directly here on the way down we. Select here is looking at the price, opposite the mountain cableways, very convenient. Hotel reception was very warm and kind, MM at the front desk came very fast. rooms are not particularly large, but perfectly formed, standard rooms with two Queen size beds, size, bed too hard, sleep a littleNot comfortable, endure a endure on passed tourism attractions also care. Hotel staying of all are is to tourism of, tours many, night noisy of bee, second days morning continues to noisy, by fortunately out tourism woke up of early also has benefits, is can earlier to dinner, breakfast things many, grains. eat finished on early to to has Tianmen mountain. play good zhihou, if to to bus station, also is convenient, walk on can to has. Room not too cramped, but alsoMust alone is spacious. by window has Chair and coffee table, compared practical's, room also didn't other place can to I put things or clothes, two put Chair somehow also is can put. bed are on with TV, night see has will are is local of channel. TV side Shang is a Zhang wrote table. toilet is small a, only shower no tub, wash Taiwan feel dirty dirty of. free of wash supplies are has without worried, and quality also good. whole pattern I feel is vintage of StarHotel, city so is still bustling, otherwise would have eliminated. but less than 300 of prices belongs to the high cost of. Check out the fast back then met set a League member in the tour, it is OK. you'd took earlier.
  • dongweiming2000
    Opposite the mountain cableways, very convenient, rooms are good
  • leefeifei1314
    Prices and facilities can also was lots is also a little bit!
  • owenfo
    Good, clean and convenient
  • pangdou
    Hotels in General can also
  • dwwy16
    Hotel just across the mountain cableway station, very convenient. Yan road, is never live and is too noisy!
  • e01577353
    Travel is very convenient, Tianmen mountain cableway just across the hotel.
  • isly777
    The facilities are good, the most important is just across the mountain
  • bupt_lili
    Room was very clean, the hotel is opposite the Tianmen mountain cableway station, attractions tickets the next day is particularly convenient.
  • CC insects
    Very good, very satisfied
  • bigerg
    Is seeing a pick up service is provided, showed that the car was broken, not a pick up service, nor the fruit up that night, general environment
  • xtayvyps
    Dominant location, opposite the entrance of Tianmen mountain cableway. room clean and comfortable, the new facilities, four star feeling. front desk attitude, and also offers free luggage. feel great!
  • rjlarry
    Overall, the transportation is convenient, just across the mountain cableways. room mosquito
  • may1130
    Well, from the Tianmen mountain super close.
  • junri
    Distance very close to tram, Tianmen mountain is the most convenient hotels, places to eat around a lot, the hotel left the first glass house three hack is great.
  • lucydeng
    Nice hotel, play around snacks readily available
  • flystreet
    Environment in General, mountain cable car station directly opposite the more convenient
  • jjooooo
  • sweetbaby33
    Opposite the hotel is mountain cableway station, hotel bus stop and train station about one kilometer from the Center, and convenient transportation.
  • e01382770
    Also, breakfast was poor health, not words enough?
  • ragger
    Poor attitude
  • berlin123456
    Near attractions
  • e00989963
    Good in every way, is recommended.
  • JEFFERY2000
    Location is good, just across the street from scenic cable car door, very convenient for tourism, the station is also convenient, travel after that still live here.
  • e00611333
    Okay, do not provide toiletries, from mountain under the tickets and cable car station.
  • conanben
    Quite special
  • cannycat
    Very good facilities, each room has independent WIFI, good results! opposite the mountain cableway station, ticket up the hill easily down car parked opposite the hotel! play came back into the room to rest, remove toss! newly renovated, very good ideas!
  • jaauy
    Opposite the hotel is mountain cableway station, convenient to play. have TVs in their rooms, hot water, ... refrigerator locked not open; no free WiFi in the room, you can only plug the network cable; air conditioning cooling slowly. breakfast time is 6:30-9:00. room can also see the mountain cableways, flew air every now and then there is the Lotus airport. overall it is quite good.
  • angel_soso
    Just across the mountain cableways
  • scalretye
    Hotel location is very good, just across the mountain cableways.